Patch details


Patch Notes


  • Add choices for Player Character Movement to secure or not
  • Reduce network transform packet size


  • This version require Unity 2018.2 or above
  • Add 2D games features
  • Move weapon attack animations, skill cast animations to Character Model
    (Migration guide :
  • Make another entity (Harvestable / Building) able to play effects (Hit effects)
  • Add destroyHideDelay to the harvestable entity, this is delay before it's going to be hidden from clients after harvestable's hp reached zero (destroyed)
  • Add onHarvestableDestroy event to the harvestable entity, developers may use this event to play destroy animations
  • Remove SecurePlayerCharacterEntity, make PlayerCharacterEntity secured


  • Add cash shop demo
  • Add IAP/IAB for iOS/Android
  • Fix invalid equipment requirement calculation
  • Add json config file reader for MMO server/MySQL/Sqlite


  • Fix invalid map server scene loads


  • Optimize garbage collections
  • Cache all character data stats it will be updated when there are changes, so it will not re-calculate stats every frame
  • Secure Player Character Entity can jump
  • All Text / InputField changes to use TextWrapper / InputFieldWrapper, we can use wrappers to switch to TextMeshPro components easily, an old user should migrate to use the wrapper see more details at
  • Add Game Database, you can use this Scriptable Object to add game data that you want to use instead of adding them to Resources folder


  • Fix duplicating listing data bugs
  • Fix invalid initialize data bugs
  • Fix MMO can't choose character again when cannot connect to Map Server
  • Improve jump animation to triggering when press jump, not play when high y speed


Patch 1.23 Notes

  • Add AddOn demo
  • Fix Equip Weapons NULL exceptions
  • Fix Building Object migrate codes obstruct game builds
  • Add safe zone, Player cannot attack other player in safe zone, Monster cannot move into safe zone


Patch 1.22 includes many core changes to help prepare for some of the coming updates, features, and integrations. Please see the migration guide below!
Migration Guide

  • Build Object will be removed, now its data moved to Build Entity
  • Show player name / HP at its position
  • Show monster name / HP at its position
  • Show npc name / quest indecation at its position
  • Make an network entity to be partial class and invoke some functions by function name suffix
  • Make an UI to be partial class and invoke some functions by function name suffix
  • Make an game data to be partial class
  • Make game network manager to be partial class and invoke some functions by function name suffix


  • Equipment Refining


  • Fix WASD lock attack not working bugs
  • Add missing skill available items description
  • Add Require gold to craft system
  • Add Craft Item Type for NPC Dialog, now you can create Craft Item Dialog by NPC
  • Improve MMO enter map scene from character selection scene, it will disconnect from central server when able to connect to map server
  • Add loading message when waiting for register/login/retrieve character list/create character/delete character


  • Start scene / other scenes are deprecated, use Map Info instead
  • Add PVP system
  • Add new solution to add NPCs, by using Npc Database



  • Separate (BaseCharacterEntity, PlayerCharacterEntity) to multiple files for more easier to read
  • Add SecurePlayerCharacterEntity which is 100% server authoritative movement but not able to jump
  • Add Player Dealing


  • NPC can sell items
  • Player can sell items to NPC
  • Move and changes condition codes: Current <= 0 to IsDead()


  • Warp portal database system, developer can use this to add warp portals for more convenience than open scene to changes it
  • Harvest system
  • Fix bug, host cannot start game after loaded map scene sometime (Singleplayer/Multiplayer mode)
  • Fix invalid network behaviour missing initialize data
  • Remove predefined LiteNetLib.dll and add it source code directly, so develop will have to remove old plugins file from the project