<!-- TITLE: Serverhosting --> <!-- SUBTITLE: A quick summary of Serverhosting --> # Server Hosting ## VPS * I highly recommend http://DigitalOcean.com as you can get your own VPS (Vitrual Private Server) for only $5 a month which gives you plenty enough to learn, test, host your own server while you build your game and then you can upgrade it at any time once you start to need a more powerful server without having to start from scratch. ## Database only * There are some free sites out there that let you create a MySQL Database for testing purposes which could allow you to run the server portion of the game locally but connect to an actual external MySQL Database, which can allow you to test that your configurations are working properly without having to install MySQL locally on your PC. * [db4free.net](https://www.db4free.net/signup.php) is one of those such sites.